Straight to Gay Bundle (Gay Quickies)

Straight to Gay Bundle (Gay Quickies)
"I thoroughly enjoyed all three stories. I especially enjoyed the first story with Brad and Charlie. Brad deserved what he got and maybe it will make him a happier person. The second story was also good. Roger and Wade are best friends who find themselves stranded on a uninhabited Hawaiian island. But Wade lacks focus and so Roger offers him some help. Awesome. The third story wasn't really for me but it was ok to read."
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Genre: Straight to Gay Erotica Bundle / Quick Erotica Stories

Three stand alone gay man on man stories in one anthology.

Read about a gay man confronting his homophobic bully, best friends – one gay, one straight – trapped on a island with no other relief in sight, or a pretty boy with his muscled Latino cellmate.

This 25,300+ word Gay Short Story Collection includes: Straight to Gay Homophobe (Gay Straight mm Erotica), Straight to Gay Castaway (Str8 to Gay Erotica), and Straight to Gay in Prison (First Time Gay Stories).

Straight to Gay Homophobe

Genre: Straight to Gay Erotica

David’s a former bully who still can’t stand gays.

Charlie Keller’s his former victim and an out and proud gay man who’s itching to introduce David to hidden repressed desires.

What happens when a gay man and his former bully reunite? One things for sure, someone’s going down.

This title’s name changed from: Straight to Gay.

Straight to Gay Castaway

Genre: Straight to Gay Erotica

After crashing their plane, Roger and his gay friend Wade are short on supplies in the middle of the Pacific.

Roger needs Wade’s muscular body to build a shelter. It’ll get done if Wade wasn’t so distracted.

Pity there’s no other gay men on the island so Wade can release his tension, or is there?

Note: Story title changed from Straight to Gay Two.

Straight to Gay in Prison

Genre: Straight to Gay Erotica

Brad’s pretty boy good looks get him the ladies but it’s nothing but trouble in prison. Even his fit body can’t compare to the heavily muscular and tattooed men in prison like his cellmate Luis.

Without connections, Brad’s offering the only thing he has to trade – himself. Yes, he’s straight but that doesn’t matter to his Latino lover.

The only question is how much will be enough to satisfy his cellmate?

Note: This title’s name was changed from Straight to Gay Three.