My Gay Geek Wedding (Gay Best Friends Love Story) (My Gay Geek Love Affair Book 3)

My Gay Geek Wedding (Gay Best Friends Love Story) (My Gay Geek Love Affair Book 3)
Series: Gay Jock and Nerd
Genres: Gay, Gay Romance, Gay Sports, Male / Male
Publication Year: 2016
"I enjoyed experiencing the growing relationship between Trent and Clark"

" I was pleasantly surprised by the events that led to the reaffirming of Clark and Trents relationship. This book is one that watches love struggle and come out the victor. It's encouraging, touching and ultimately just a sweet and warm adventure."

"This is a quick fun hot read about a couple who goes through a situation that could possibly break them up."

This is a fun book. The guys are adorable and the plot is sound with drama and angst."

"I love Trent & Clark, best friends that became lovers. Now every relationship has unexpected twist, it's how you work through them that counts. I will always enjoy reading about this geek and jock couple."

I was able to read an advanced copy for an honest review. This was a great sequel, yet stand alone book. The characters are quirky yet lovable and have you rooting for the happy ending. Great read!!
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Will their relationship crash and burn before they can make it to the altar?

Clark is better with robots than people… which makes him even more thankful for his fiance, Trent. Unfortunately, Clark’s current work project — designing a self-driving car — is so demanding that it’s cutting into his and Trent’s personal time.

Trent is an easygoing good ol’ boy. He’s not intimidated by Clark’s quirky genius — as a professional baseball player, he’s got his own strengths. But the more dinners he eats alone, the more he wonders if Clark is really committed to their relationship.

When an injury jeopardizes Trent’s career, he starts to feel like a burden instead of a partner — but his fiance is under more pressure than ever. Can Clark get his head out of the geek clouds long enough to persuade Trent he’s serious about getting married, or will he lose the only man he’s ever wanted?

My Gay Geek Wedding is a steamy m/m erom with a HEA. Recommended for readers 18+ due to explicit content.