My Gay Geek Crush (Gay Best Friend Romance) (My Gay Geek Love Affair Book 1)

My Gay Geek Crush (Gay Best Friend Romance) (My Gay Geek Love Affair Book 1)
Series: Gay Jock and Nerd
Genres: First Time Gay, Gay, Gay Romance, Gay Sports, Male / Male
Publication Year: 2015
"The sex was excellent. The friendship between Trent and Clark was sweet. There always has to be one annoying jerk that tries to ruin everything, this jerk's name Brad. But all in all a good story with a happy ending."
A sizzling, sexy romp. The geek triumphs to see his fantasies come to life with the hot jock of his dreams.
"Sexy Gay Short"


Genre: Jock and Nerd / First Time Gay Experiences

Campus geek Clark has a mad crush on star baseball player Trent. It’s hopeless, because Trent is straight… but Clark still takes every chance he can to spend time with his friend.

When Trent wants to improve his hitting, Clark invents an algorithm and robot coaching arm to help him out. But then someone steals Clark’s laptop and outs his crush to the whole campus. Will it spell the end of their friendship, or will Trent surprise everyone — including himself?

This 10,000 word straight to gay story contains detailed explicit descriptions of robotics workshop sex between a lab geek and baseball jock. Includes oral and anal situations with a newly gay baseball star dominating his lean and hard math nerd friend.

It’s intended for the enjoyment of those who love first time gay stories with sweetness and romance.

Note: Title changed from The Geek and Newly Gay Jock.