Gay Tijuana Male Escort (Straight First Time Gay Erotica): Interracial Gay Erotica

Gay Tijuana Male Escort (Straight First Time Gay Erotica): Interracial Gay Erotica
Genres: First Time Gay, Gay, Gay Interracial, Gay Romance, Male / Male
Publication Year: 2014
"This is a HOT short little story to help you 'relax' in the afternoon. ;) Smartly written, it is thrilling and captivating in all the best ways."
"Others have said it and I'll back it up: this isn't just sexy this is also well written."
"This is a quick hot short about men getting something they want but can't get at home. It is also about the men who use them for their livelihood. Enjoy I did."
"This little story is both erotic and intelligently written."


Genre: Interracial Straight to Gay Erotica / Mexican Men with White Men Romance

Deep within the gay bars of Tijuana, ‘straight’ tourists indulge in their deepest homosexual fantasies without threat or worry of discovery.

Roberto knows the type, They’re his best customers and pay very well for their first time journey into the interracial gay world.

It’s easy money with no strings attached until Steve walks in, a ‘straight’ tourist who reminds him of a love Roberto has long since left in the past. He knows he should keep it strictly business, but suddenly, Roberto wants so much moreā€¦

This 8,500+ word story contains detailed descriptions of interracial gay male on male sex including anal and oral situations. It’s intended for those who love first time gay erotica stories with just the right touch of romance.

Author Note: This is a short stand alone HEA gay romantic erotica.